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EFFECTIVE 11/24/14


Please consider using the above link when shopping on Amazon so St. Mary can earn a percentage of

your sales back to the school. St. Mary School has been registered for the Amazon School Rewards

program. Access the link from our website and/or bookmark the above link for your Amazon shopping.

In 2013, Amazon earned $74.5 BILLION in revenue. Chances are that you and many of your friends,

family and neighbors use Amazon. Our school has an opportunity to piggyback off the success of

Amazon through their School Rewards Program.

The process is simple and quick. Our account has already been set up through the Amazon Rewards

Program. Go to http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=stmarschfis-20

Amazon.com and cut and paste the link above into your browser. Send it to friends and

family. Don't forget to bookmark it! Amazon shoppers will still use their own login and personal account

to shop. The only difference is that our school code is embedded in the link. This school code lets

Amazon know that these customers are being referred by our school site.

How much does the school earn?

Our school will receive up to 15% in referral fees for any purchases that are made on the Amazon site.

Referral rates will vary depending on the compensation plan, purchase volume and product categories.

The chart below illustrates how much schools can earn given different scenarios. With good participation,

our school can easily earn thousands of dollars in referral fees.

# of Amazon Users Average Monthly Purchases Annual Earnings for School*

50 $50 $2,400

100 $50 $4,800

200 $50 $9,600

400 $50 $19,200

* Assumes referral rate of 8%

Thank you for your support of our school!

St. Mary PPA