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Class Assignments -
Bake Sales 2014-2015
Sunday October 5, 2014  Grade 8

Sunday November 2, 2014  Grade 7

Sunday December 7,2014  Grade 6

Sunday January 11,2015 Grade 5

Sunday February 8, 2015   Grade 4

Sunday March 9, 2015 Grade 3

Sunday April 12, 2015 Grade 2

Sunday May 3, 2015 Grade 1

Sunday June 7, 2015 Grade K

Class Assignments 2013-2014


September  Events

 Thursday 9/11: Back to School Night

 Monday 9/15: PPA Meeting 7pm

 Sunday 9/21: Family Picnic (Geering Park)


Fundraising and Family Events for the 2014-2015 school year
If any event is underlined you can click on it for more information.

Monarch Money                                                Heather Webb


Doll's Tea Party                                                Martina Farrell                                                                                               bfarr156@aol.com

Mother-Son Luau                                             Kimberly Broughton 

Discount Cards           

                                                                           Maria Galiano


Script                                                                 Theresa Horton

Spooky Bingo                                                    Eileen Moschetti


Family Picnic                                                    Judy Connolly


Craft Fair kitchen                                             Beth Ferrigno


Parent Enrichment                                           Maureen Gilmartin


Christmas shop                                                Lori Schulze


Cookie walk                                                     Trudi Newhard


Father-Daughter                                              Melissa Haydt


Movie night                                                      Lisa O'Reilly


Gala                                                                  Caryn Morales


5K race                                                              Yvonne Kasper



Hospitality                                                        Kristi Ott






Do you have questions, ideas or are you interested in volunteering for one of the Events or Fundraisers? Please contact the Chairperson listed.

Are you interested in becoming a chairperson? Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Elaine Thomas, stmaryppa@yahoo.com