Publicity - Getting the Word Out

One of St. Mary's greatest resources is its families. PPA wants to take advantage of that resource and use it to let people outside of St. Marys know about our great events. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to get the word out. Below are some suggestions that you can use to help us.

Personal Websites - do you have your own website, blog, or facebook page? Link to the PPA site. Post a blurb about the great events we host.

Email contacts - let your friends know about any event they can attend. You'll both have a blast.

Press Release/Announcement - you can now email your event information to local papers and radio. Since we are non-profit they usually run our listing. Go to your favorite radio website they usually have a community calendar and lots of times you can just post it yourself.

At any PPA Event have information about the next PPA event ready - get people excited, if possible let them buy ticktes ahead of time. Have pictures from last years event, show the benefit of attending and the goal you reached.

If you own a business or frequent one often - take fliers to leave there. We are planning on having fliers downloadable from this site. Ask any business you support to support your school. Tape them in store fronts, tape them on your car window, get it seen.

Get inventive, get creative, and GET THE WORD OUT!