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Duties of Board Members


The Principal of the school shall have the full responsibility of molding the policy of the school. All matters concerning discipline and deliberations concerning the School rest with the Principal.

At General meetings, the Principal will acquaint the membership with new decisions or proposals in regard to matters that apply.

The President:

a. Shall preside at all meetings.

b. Shall appoint committee chairpersons.

c. Shall have an annual review of the profits and attendance for all social and fundraising events by April and propose a calendar of events for the following school year.

The Vice-President:

a. Shall have all powers and performance of all duties of President in the absence of the latter.

b. Shall act as the Social Committee Chairperson to provide support and direction to social event chairs.

c. Shall review timelines set by event chairs to help ensure key dates (including advertising in bulletin, emails, home folder) have been set.

The Recording Secretary:

a. Shall prepare and publish approved agenda 1 week prior to all Board meetings.

b. Shall keep records of proceedings of Parent Partnership Association meetings.

c. Shall have minutes approved by the Principal and President and published to the families (via website, email or home folder).

d. Shall notify Board members of meetings not previously scheduled (a minimum of) 24 hours in advance.

The Corresponding Secretary:

a. Shall conduct correspondence.

b. Shall keep an email distribution list and send out periodic emails informing and reminding families of upcoming events.

c. Shall update the website with agenda, minutes, financial reports and other items as needed.

d. Shall act as Volunteer Coordinator to assist event chairs and committee heads in securing sufficient volunteers for their events and to help interested families find an area they can help with.

The Treasurer:

a. Shall collect dues and other monies.

b. Shall deposit all monies in a bank account in the name of the Parent Partnership Association.

c. Shall pay all approved obligations of the Parent Partnership Association.

d. Shall keep accurate records of all receipts and disbursements.

e. Shall prepare and present report of financial condition at all meetings.

Meetings:  The Board will meet on the first Monday at 7:00 PM of each month during the school year. A quorum must be present to hold a meeting. A quorum consists of one Ex-Officio and three other Executive Board Members. Meetings should be governed by the following rules:

  • Call the meeting to order
  • Opening Prayer
  • Minutes of previous meetings read by Secretary and vote for approval
  • Correspondence received and sent summarized by the Secretary
  • Treasurer's written report of prior months income and expenses, bank account balances and projected income and expenses
  • Review Committee Chairperson's written reports
  • Old business
  • New business
  • Adjournment with prayer

The Principal will schedule General Meetings.

Special meetings shall be held whenever called by the Executive Board. The Secretary shall give written notice of such Special meetings at least one day prior to the meeting date. Notice of the Special Meeting shall indicate the purpose for which it has been called and the person calling the Special Meeting. 

Written notice of the place, date and time of any meetings shall be given to each member by delivery through the weekly folders least one day prior to the meeting.

No Board Meeting shall take place without an Ex-Officio in attendance.

Membership Dues:  Dues of $25.00 per family per year is due every September.

By-Laws: Any amendments proposed to these by-laws must be submitted in writing to the presiding Officer at any General Meeting. The proposed amendment shall be read to the membership at said meeting by the Secretary or designates and then discussed and voted upon at the same General Meeting or at a Special Meeting called for said vote. A majority vote of those present in favor shall be necessary for approval.