St. Mary's School

Parent Partnership Association

We are the St. Mary School Parent Partnership Association

(PPA) and all of us, as parents, are members of this great

organization. Our primary focus is fundraising. We also try to

provide some great social activities for St. Mary students and

parents throughout the school year. As members we pay annual dues of $40 per family, 

which helps our bottom line and also offsets the cost of printing the school directory. There 

are many different ways that you can get involved in our organization, such as: using our Scrip program, financially supporting an event, volunteering at an event, assisting in ticket sales, chairing an event, publicity, working in our kitchen, and by coming to meetings. We will all be successful if we pool our unique talents!

Our Mission


Every year we are required to raise at least $40,000 for our assessment to the Archdiocese. We have set a goal of $46,000 to cover additional expenses and provide for start-up costs for next year. Thanks to your amazing support last year, we exceeded our fundraising goal and will be able to host some fun and educational events for both parents and children this coming school year. We look forward to providing children's social activities, hosting Catholic Schools Week, as well as many other events. Any money raised will be used for social programs and educational enhancements for your children. We realize this is a large sum of money and combined with a strained economy can make fundraising a difficult task. In planning our fundraising calendar we try very hard to plan affordable sales and provide more activity related events we think parents and children will enjoy. We are confident, that together, we can raise our assessed goal and provide for an amazing year!

EXCITING NEWS!!    Thanks to your unwavering support and generosity last year, the PPA was able to exceed our fundraising goals! We have set aside $300 for each homeroom teacher for additional classroom materials and booked fun and informative assemblies for the children. In addition, this fall we are bringing back Spooky Bingo and the Doll’s Tea Party.

How You Can Help
Volunteerism comes in many ways and there lots of ways that you can help! Help to chair an event, volunteer your time or services for an event, come to meetings to share your ideas, and financially supporting our fund raising endeavors. 


Meetings are monthly, usually on the second Monday or Tuesday (if holiday) of the month, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm in our school gym. Look for the meeting dates on the school calendar or on our website. All are welcome, as well as ideas, comments and suggestions. Your input is vital to the success of our organization, so please join us if you can. Monthly minutes will be available online, informing you of our events and meeting activities, so everyone will be informed, even if you can’t make a meeting. Feel free to contact any of us by phone, email, or a hand written note.


ppa Editor,
Oct 21, 2019, 5:33 PM